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Floating F A Q

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How should I prepare for a float?

In addition to the required pre-float shower, we recommend a light meal or snack 1-2 hours before your float, and no caffeine for at least 1 hour beforehand. This will help your whole body to relax more easily, without hunger, digestion or physical agitation to distract you. We ask that you don't float if you've just dyed your hair, as the dye may come out in the water. 2 weeks should be plenty of time after hair dyeing, but please check carefully to make sure your hair color is set. Also, please avoid shaving the morning before your float – the tiny cuts and scratches that result may irritate you in the salt water. Finally, it this is your first float, please arrive at the center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled float time, so that we can give you an unhurried and thorough introduction to our facility.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. We will provide towels, robes, earplugs, makeup wipes, soap and shampoo, etc. If you would like to use your own shampoo and conditioner AFTER you float, then of course you may bring that in with you. However, we ask that you use our shampoo and soap in the pre-float shower (this helps us keep the water clean and consistent for each user).

What do I wear when I float?

The short answer is… nothing! We require all floaters to shower before they enter the float rooms. Clothing like swimsuits tends to hold onto dirt or soap much more than skin. Therefore, for both comfort and safety it's best to float without any clothing. Don't worry about privacy, though - the float rooms themselves don't lock but they are installed within private rooms which lock from the inside. There is no chance of unwanted interruption during your float or showers.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

Blue Mesa Float Center has chosen to install spacious float rooms (as opposed to tanks or pods) to address this very issue. In addition to being approximately 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, our float rooms are 7 feet tall, which greatly aids in reducing claustrophobia. There are user controlled lights inside the rooms, and if necessary for comfort you may leave the float room door ajar during your float. Even with the lights on or the door open you can still experience many of the wonderful benefits of floating.

How do you keep the water clean?

We employ a robust filtration and disinfection system that thoroughly treats all water in the float room after each float. Our system includes a 1 micron filter as well as water treatment with ozone, UV radiation and hydrogen peroxide. We check the chemistry of the water regularly and make any necessary adjustments. As regular floaters ourselves, we want to emphasize that maintaining clean, safe water is an absolute priority here at Blue Mesa Float Center.

My body doesn't normally float, how will I be able to relax?

The salt will take care of you! With more than 1200 pounds of Epsom Salts in the float room, you will not have any trouble staying afloat with your face above the surface. You've probably heard of the Dead Sea and how easy it is to float there. In our float rooms it's even easier.

What if I fall asleep?

It is fairly common to doze while you float, and there is no danger involved. The buoyancy of the salt water will fully support you, and should you begin to turn over in your sleep (unlikely given the gentle, full-body support that the water provides) you would wake up before any problems arose.

Can pregnant women float?

Pregnant women have been floating for years and many find that it helps relieve some of the aches, body tension and anxiety that can accompany pregnancy. Of course, if you are pregnant you should consult with your doctor before floating.

Can women float while they are menstruating?

We ask that women wait until they are no longer menstruating before they come in to float. If this issue arises, you may reschedule your float for a later date with no extra charge.

What if I want or need to get out before my float is over?

That's no problem. You can exit the float room at any time, and re-enter as well, so long as you are within your allotted time.

Still have questions? Please give us a call at 970 964-4488 and we'll be happy to help.